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Once upon a time, not so long ago and not so far away, lived a little girl who loved her dolls. Her dolls were her faithful friends and companions, keeping her happy and content when there were no other children around to play with. And so, the little girl was never lonely. When she was sick or sad, her dolls cuddled up to her and made her feel ever so much better. She told all her secrets to her dollies and never once did they ever tell those secrets to another living soul!

The little girl loved her dolls so much and they were so good to her that she took extra special good care of them, too. She kept them clean and dressed them in such a pleasing way, making pretty clothes for them from scraps of material her godmother brought home from the dress factory where she worked. The little girl never left her dolls out in the rain and she never cut their hair or handled them roughly because she wanted them to know how much she loved them. It brought her much happiness to be their very good Mommy. Her dolls were her special guests at picnics and tea parties, along with the many kittens and puppies that lived in her house that were very sweet and very much loved, too.

As the little girl grew older and she started to go to school, she began to have more and more friends and more things to do. She spent more time away from home and her dolls always waited faithfully for the little girl to play with them again, to dress them in their pretty clothes and to give them lots of hugs. Their wait became longer and longer as the little girl grew into a bigger girl, then a teenager and then a young woman. Finally one day the girl’s Mommy, who was very kind and also loved the dolls very much, helped the young woman lovingly wrap the dolls in blankets and pack them away in a box. The box was put in the attic so that the dolls could have a peaceful nap without anyone doing harm to them.

After several years, the young woman met a handsome young man and they fell in love and were married. Before long, they bought a pretty blue house and went to live there to have a happy life together. After awhile, the young woman felt that something was missing. She wondered and thought and finally it came to her. She was missing her loyal childhood companions! The young woman returned to her parents’ home and her dear Daddy climbed up to the attic and came down with the box of the young woman’s sweet dolly friends, so long ago stored away like precious treasures! She unwrapped her dolls one by one and wept tears of joy as each smiling face was revealed. She remembered...and the dolls remembered, too. It was a very happy day!

The young woman took her dolls to her new home and pretty soon those dolls were joined by more dolls and after that, even more. Some were baby dolls with chubby cheeks, some were grown up lady dolls that wore fancy gowns and high-heeled shoes.. Some were little and some were big. Dolls were everywhere and the woman was very happy!

One day, the little girl who had grown up and was not even a young woman anymore but had become a middle-aged woman with a son of her own, was thinking fondly of her childhood days and her precious dolly companions. How truly wonderful and special they were! Then the woman thought to herself, “Wouldn’t it be the greatest fun to give a doll to every little girl so that each girl could have a loyal dolly friend forever”, just as the woman had. Of course, giving a doll to every little girl was a tall order and seemed much too difficult for the woman to do...but surely she could give SOME dolls to SOME little girls! The woman recalled the many tea parties she had hosted with her dolls as her special guests and she decided that this time, she would plan a tea party with many dolls and many little girls a her special guests. (You are one of those little girls!!!)

The woman was so excited! There was so much to plan and to do! She started buying dolls especially for the dolly tea party. She shared her excitement with other women who were her friends - women who also loved dolls and who belonged to The Chatty Cathy Collectors Club, the Chatty Cathy Fan Club an Doll Connect. Pretty soon, boxes of dolls and doll clothes sent by her friends started being delivered to the woman’s door. Dolls were sent from all over the country - from Alaska, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, and so many other states. There were Barbie dolls, Chatty Cathy dolls, and all kinds of wonderful dolls to be given away! The woman was so grateful that her friends wanted little girls to have dolls to love, just as she did, and that they were so generous to send her dolls to give away at the tea party.

The woman also shared her plans with her beloved friends at the little church where she had worshiped since she was a baby. These church friends wanted to help, too! They gathered many tea cups and saucers for the woman to use at the tea party so that the little girls could drink from elegant china. And more dolls arrived...and the woman was filled with joy!

Just when the woman thought that she was ready to have the Dolly and Me Tea Party, she was told that the little girls who were to be her special guests would not be able to attend. The woman was very, very sad. She tried many times to arrange for other little girls to come to the tea party but somehow something always went wrong. Finally, the woman knew that for some reason the time to have the tea party was not right. She packed up all those dolls who were longing to be held in little girl arms and stored them away in the lonely and dark church attic, along with the pretty china tea cups. The woman’s heart ached, thinking of the dolls who needed Mommies and the little girls who needed a doll of their own to love.

Three years passed before the woman was introduced to a very nice Girl Scout Leader who said that her Girl Scout troop would help the woman make her dream of a Dolly and Me Tea Party come true! They knew just the little girls who would be good Mommies to the dolls. More dolls were sent to the woman by her doll collector friends just to be sure to that there would be enough dolls for all the girls to be able to choose one to be her own. All of the stored dolls were brought down from the church attic and taken by the woman to her good friend’s house. There the two women made sure that each doll was beautiful and perfect to attend the tea party. Some dolls got baths, some got new clothing and some had their hair brushed and styled. All were very happy to be out of the attic and they all were ready to celebrate!

Finally, the long-awaited day arrived. With love and excitement the woman and her friends and the Girl Scout Leader and the Girl Scouts brought all the dolls and all the tea cups and all the goodies and all the decorations to the place where the Dolly and Me Tea Party would be held. All that was needed now was for the little girls to arrive... Now the story can continue...



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